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"In Touch" Diamond Level Newsletter

The "In Touch" Newsletter Diamond Level provides the most value for your marketing dollars. It combines all of the benefits of the Platinum, Gold, & Silver levels with customized ad creation. You can now choose if you want to mail your entire list pen and ink newsletters, or maximize value by mailing your best clients physical copies while saving your eMail newsletter for prospects and lost customers. Read More

"In Touch" Platinum Level Newsletter

The "In Touch" Platinum Level Newsletter offers a tremendous value. For less than a $1 per contact per month you can have a quality 4 Page newsletter sent to your contact list. This newsletter stimulates referrals and maxamizes pass along value. Read More

"In Touch" Gold Level Newsletter

Use the power of eMail marketing to have your own fun-filled digital eZine delivered to your list. Your clients will love the jokes, fun articles, and trivia. This level feautres digital downloads that you can use to deliver audio, videos, and more! Read More

"In Touch" Silver Level Newsletter

Here at AfroMarketing we believe that your marketing investment should be affordable. That's why we created the "In Touch" Silver Newsletter. This level allows you to use the power of self-publishing to minimize the cost of sending your own postcard newsletter. A very affordable direct mail option for getting the word out about your product or service. Read More

“Here’s How You Can Quickly & Easily Build A Fence Around Your Customers Guaranteed To Stimulate Referrals, Attract New Customers, And Increase Profits!”

From The Desk Of: Michael D. Black
AfroMarketing, President

Fellow Entrepreneur,

How much is your average customer worth to you over the course of their lifetime?

Suppose you could make one simple addition to your marketing strategy and double (or triple) your lifetime customer value.

Imagine… Taking 10 minutes a month to secure a steady stream of referrals rolling into your business.  Customers and clients look forward to your newsletter and respond with enthusiasm to every issue.  One of your clients this month can’t stop talking about the Pablo San Lucas Golf Vacation you sent him on…  Anytime they need you, you are there for your customers and they love you for it.

Sound too good to be true?

Well it isn’t if you have a system in place designed to generate leads, increase sales, and ensure that your customer’s come back again and again.

“If You’re Not Satisfied With Your
Return-On-Investment From Your Marketing Dollars,
This Could Be The Most Important
Letter You’ll Ever Read!”

My name is Michael Black and I’m the President of AfroMarketing, Southern Colorado’s only direct response marketing agency using the power of Direct Response to create advertising that brings in customers and orders by the boatload.

You may not have heard of me… and that’s fine. I’ve churned out winning ads and marketing for clients in dozens of niches, quietly making serious money for them. Direct response marketing has been used successfully in 156 different categories in companies that sell B2B and consumers. I’ve spent a pile of money learning from the masters, busting my chops, testing my knowledge, proving it in the REAL WORLD.  And all of that training has led to one conclusion:

"In This Economy, Smart Business Owners Should Shift
Their Mindset & Marketing Dollars From Customer
Acquisition To Customer Retention..."

It’s a fact that it’s WAY easier and cheaper to keep your current customers coming to you than it is to go out and get new customers.

Staying in regular communication with your clients and prospects with a client newsletter can be likened to building a fence.  If you want to build a relationship with your customers and keep them loyal to your company than you need a client newsletter.  Your newsletter will help keep your customers in while keeping out the poachers and rustlers that are your competition.

If you are not in regular communication with your clients and customers that fence will begin to erode.  Your customers will begin to feel that you don’t care about them…  They might even roam free, taking their business elsewhere! 

If you don’t stay in contact with your customers, clients or your prospects, you’ll lose them.

According to a marketing study done by Yankelovich, Inc found that people who live in New York City are exposed to about 5,000 marketing messages a day.  Studies have also shown that every month you don’t communicate with your customer base; they lose 10% interest in doing business with you. That’s the way this new economy works… you have to compete for attention.  There are rustlers everywhere looking to steal your herd of customers.

But you can’t just keep sending the same tired sales messages over & over again. People grow weary of that, and your message becomes annoying and ineffective. This is the last thing you want because you have invested a great deal of time and effort getting that customer in the door to begin with.

In order to increase customers & referrals, most all the experts agree the best thing to do is send out a monthly newsletter, because a newsletter, done correctly, allows you to stay in contact in a way that is non sales-ey and non threatening.

Of course, if it’s not the right type of newsletter, you might as well just throw your money in the wind!

“8 Big Ways The “In Touch” Newsletter Will Cut Through
The Clutter & Capture Your Customer’s Interest:”

  1. A good customer newsletter is not perceived as a marketing piece.  It is viewed as a publication.  Because it is viewed as a publication and not an advertisement, it increases the tolerance your clients will have for your other sales messages.
  2. People are conditioned to be less resistant to reading articles, jokes, and other fun information than they are traditional advertising
  3. A good newsletter will have embedded psychological triggers that motivate people to buy sub consciously.
  4. Client newsletters build and maintain your fence, helping you keep customers.
  5. The pass-along value of your newsletter will help attract new customers to your business.
  6. Your regular newsletter will help you build credibility because you produce a monthly publication.
  7. Your newsletter will help differentiate yourself from your competition.  After all, I can assure you your competition is not doing the same.
  8. Newsletters have a longer shelf life than other forms of marketing.  The lists, jokes, and recipes in my newsletter ensure that people will save them

“But Creating A Truly Effective
Monthly Newsletter Is The Hard Part…”

It could take you years and could cost you a small fortune in time and money to figure out the right Psychological Triggers that make a newsletter work – while others fall flat on their face.

Most people’s experience with a monthly newsletter has told them that it is hard to do.  It’s a hassle that takes up a lot of resources that can be spent better elsewhere!  Ultimately, people think that newsletter publishing is an expensive waste of time.

Let's face it: in far too many companies, because of these (and other) unfounded myths about newsletter publishing, the "monthly customer newsletter" gets relegated to the back-burner and only gets published 3 or 4 times a year!

If you’re looking for proven strategies to develop more profits, grow your wealth, and earn more customers for life in your business by publishing your customer newsletter, on time, every time, then look no further!

Slick and fancy newsletters, sent from some service that is obviously not done by you can be dreadfully boring.  Usually, these types of newsletters are centered on your particular business. More often than not, they wind up tossed right in the trash with the junk mail.

For example, let’s say you own an auto repair shop, and you’re sending out a fancy, full color newsletter on glossy paper that’s all about car facts and repair & maintenance info and so on… I promise you, that puppy’s getting tossed straight in with the junk mail. No one cares about that stuff and they won’t think you’re great because you sent them boring junk mail.

The secret to a successful newsletter is to make it look homemade, have it filled with fun, interesting and informative original content and then to carefully weave your sales messages into the newsletter. When you do it correct, your clients, customers and even your prospects will look forward to receiving it.

The right kind of newsletter will stand out from the mass of advertising that people are bombarded with everyday.

The right kind of newsletter will establish a relationship with your prospects, customers & clients.

The right kind of newsletter is the one that your customers will actually look forward to receiving. They’ll keep it around, they’ll read & re-read it and they pass it along to their friends. They’ll refer more business and they will come to you first when they need your service or goods.

The writing, formatting & production of a ‘home-made’ newsletter can be very time consuming and even a little intimidating. The fact that one cannot just go on the internet and cut and paste interesting articles into their newsletter, but instead must come up with their own researched and written content, makes doing the right kind of newsletter anywhere from a 20 to a 40 hour per month job.

Must business owners just can’t (and shouldn’t have to) do that.

But instead of beating yourself up trying to come up with just the right formula for and effective newsletter, you can have it RIGHT NOW with my new system:

The “In Touch” Newsletter Service

At last a simple and effective way to send out your client newsletter is here.  Dollar for dollar client newsletters are one of the most effective ways to maintain your herd of customers.

But don’t take my word for it, here’s what others from all over the country have to say about newsletter publishing:

“My single biggest recommendation is the use of a monthly customer newsletter.” – Dan Kennedy

“I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 12 years and Mike’s newsletter is the most effective marketing tool I have ever used.” – Suzanne Craig

“My customers love the ‘In Touch’ newsletter.  They love the jokes, recipes, and fun articles.  I’m should have started sooner.” - Sean Dowling, Executive Chef, Barb’s BBQ

I know you’re probably still skeptical and a bit on the conservative side, but consider this…  If you keep doing the same things, you’ll only succeed in getting the same results.

“These Powerful Secrets Of Newsletter Publishing Will
Keep Your Herd Of Customers Safe & Secure”

My company, AfroMarketing, offers people the complete solution, my In Touch Newsletter Service, with 99.99% of the work done for you!

The 4 different levels of my newsletter service provide content that is fun & informative,  There is news, games, trivia, info, recipes, comics  and more. Things that your customers & prospects will actually enjoy reading and will look forward to receiving.

They look like you took the time to make them yourself.

I weave 7 'psychological triggers' into the newsletter to stimulate referrals and increase sales plus there are places for your ads/coupons as well.

These  monthly newsletters will create a relationship with your clients & your prospects, automatically stimulating referrals and generating repeat business.

Every month, we’ll have a fresh, new, and interesting newsletter ready to send to your list - all we’ll need is 10 minutes of your time to fill out my easy form so I can customize your newsletter with your name, address, phone, ads, etc. Then, depending on the level of your subscripition, I provide you with your newsletter or I send it for you using one of the best discount printers in the country where they will print, fold, address, insert postage, and mail your newsletter for you.

“Okay, So What’s The Cost
For This Incredible Service?”

 By now, it should be obvious that I truly believe my "In Touch" Newsletter Service can increase your referrals, sales, and profits.  In fact, I would like you to try my newsletter service at no risk!  This is not about separating you from $25, $50, or even $100.  I know many of you (if left to yourselves) do not have the time nor inclination to publish a monthly newsletter and fully use the highest and best profit and growth potential your business has to offer you without the help of these powerful newsletters.

If you decide to subscribe - and I bet you will once you see how genuinely easy and profitable the "In Touch" Newsletter - you can get a full year of my Silver Newsletter for as little as $250 (a savings of $50)! But if not...  If you feel that your investment has been a wasted or I have misrepresented my service in anyway... I will refund you remaining subscription.  No muss, no fuss.  I would rather return every dime you paid me than have an unsatisfied client.

For those of you that are serious about putting a fence around your customers and increasing your referrals, here are the different levels of my service:

  1. Diamond Level ($125 Per Month + Mailing Costs) = The Diamond Level provides the highest value for your marketing dollars.  It combines all of the benefits of the following Platinum, Gold, and Sliver Levels.  You'll have the flexibility of sending 3 different newsletters.  Take your pick from the Postcard, eMail, and the Full 4 Page newsletters. 

  2. Platinum Level (($100 Per Month + Mailing Costs) = For nearly a decade, the Platinum Level Newsletter has offered entrepreneurs a powerful marketing tool.  For less than a $1 per contact you can have a fun 4 Page newsletter printed, stamped, folded, and delivered. 

  3. Gold Level ($50 Per Month) = Use the power of eMail marketing to have your own fun-filled digital eZine delivered to your list.  Your clients will love the jokes, riddles, articles, and trivia.  This level takes advantage of the digital format to deliver content in a digital download.  New & Improved:  Customize your newsletter even further with 8 different color choices!

  4. Silver Level ($25 Per Month + Mailing Costs) = Here at AfroMarketing I believe that your newsletter investment should be Affordable, First-class, Results, Oriented.  That's why I created the Silver Newsletter.  It allows you to use the power of self-publishing to minimize the costs of sending your own postcard newsletter.

I urge you to take action today.  That's why have included a couple of "ethical bribes" to help you make your decision.

“3 FREE Ethical Bribes To Help Get You Off That Fence..”

I understand that in today's economic climate you have to be sure that your marketing dollars get a positive return on investment.  To help you make your decision a little easier I have included three FREE Ethical Bribes:

  1. FREE 3-Day 2-Night Mini-Vacation Certificates = For every month you pay in advance for any level of the "In Touch" Newsletter, you will receive a 3-Day 2-Night Mini-Vacation Certificate.  You can use these certificates to incentivize your offers or as a trivia give away.

  2. If you prepay for a full 1 Year Subscription I will discount your subscription price by 2 full months, saving you anywhere between $50 and $250. 

  3. 51 Mega Marketing Strategies eBook = That's right!  With every order I will include a FREE copy of my new book, "51 Mega Marketing Strategies To Increase Profits & Attract Prospects On Autopilot".  This 150 page book covers the gambit of marketing strategies for both online and offline success.  Don't miss out!


“You Really Can’t Afford NOT To Get Started With My “In
Touch” Newsletter Service Today:”

It’s easy to get started right away.  Simply click on the level that you would like to subscribe to and I will get you started right away!

Diamond Subscription

Platinum Subscription

Gold Subscription

Silver Subscription

And let this be the year that you build a fence around you customers.  One that ensures that they will keep coming back to you again and again.

Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income,

Michael D. Black
AfroMarketing, President
Serial Entrepreneur


P.S.  If you continue to use the same stale old marketing you'll get the same results.  Mix things up with a fun and informative monthly newsletter from AfroMarketing.  What I am offering is the easiest, most risk-free way to try the "In Touch" newsletter so you can see for yourself how easy it is to keep your customers coming back again and again.  Act today!

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